Efficacy and Compatibility


To effectively sterilize, the sterilant must be dispersed throughout the chamber and spread over the more accessible surfaces of medical devices. It must also be able to penetrate into lumens and geometries that are less accessible.  The powerful and patent pending DYNAMIC Sterilant Delivery System™ ensures that the sterilant is adequately dispersed not only on accessible medical device surfaces, but that it penetrates into hard-to-reach places like lumens. The STERIZONE TECHNOLOGY® is efficacious on long narrow-channeled devices, flexible endoscopes, and other complex medical devices.

The STERIZONE TECHNOLOGY® offers cycles that maximize efficacy while minimizing contact time, thereby offering better compatibility. This results in increased instrument life and lower repair costs, when used as directed. 

The STERIZONE TECHNOLOGY® at TSO3 Inc. has an ongoing comprehensive compatibility program available to both medical device manufacturers and healthcare facilities.