STERIZONE TECHNOLOGY® from TSO3 Inc. is designed to meet today’s sterile processing challenges.

TSO3 Peer Reviewed Paper in the Canadian Journal of Infection Control


The low-temperature sterilization challenge:

Medical research is introducing new surgical treatments and, as demand for surgeries increases, more and increasingly complex surgical tools are being developed. Product developers in the medical sterile reprocessing landscape need to know that the tools they’re designing can be sterilized.

The solution:

STERIZONE TECHNOLOGY® developed by TSO3 Inc. ensures that these complex devices can be safely and efficiently sterilized. The patent pending DYNAMIC Sterilant Delivery System™ ensures the constant replenishment of sterilant through multiple successive pulsed injections, adapting to varying load contents. This is unique to the sterilizers with STERIZONE TECHNOLOGY®.

How it Works

The science behind the technology.   


Rapid Research & Prototyping

Adapt STERIZONE TECHNOLOGY® to effectively sterilize your medical device.