Our STERIZONE® 125L+ Low-Temperature Sterilizer offers a 125-liter capacity can sterilize a wide range of heat-sensitive medical devices, including multi-channel flexible endoscopes.The sterilizer uses hydrogen peroxide, operates at 40°-42°C (104° to 108°F), and users can select one of three pre-programmed cycles, ranging from 46 to 100 minutes, based on the devices to be sterilized.

The sterilant penetrates into even the most challenging devices such as long, narrow lumens. The sterilizer does not require outside venting. The 125-liter chamber, combined with the short cycle times, provides a significantly superior reprocessing throughput.

1 – 46 minutes* General instrumentation and single channel short, flexible endoscopes.
2 – 56 minutes* Rigid channeled instruments and single/multi-channel rigid endoscopes.
3 – 100 minutes* Long single/multi-channel flexible endoscopes.

*Emply chamber cycle times. Cycle times are dependant on load content and condition.